August 16, 2019

Company with Akron roots will turn unwanted plastics into fuel

Written for Beacon Journal/

A company with Akron roots will soon be using its technology to take plastics that are not recyclable and turn them into fuel.

The former RES Polyflow, housed since about 2004 in the former Akron incubator now known as the Bounce Innovation Hub, is now a subsidiary of Brightmark Energy, a San Francisco waste and energy development company.

In May, Brightmark broke ground in Indiana on a plant that will take 100 tons of plastics a year and turn it into low-sulfur diesel. It will also produce paraffin wax used for candles and wax-coated cardboard, said Jay Schabel, president of the Brightmark Energy Plastics Division. Schabel joined the former RES Polyflow in Akron in 2008 as its CEO.

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